Category Topics

Introduce Yourself

This is the place for introductions so people can get to know a bit about each other. Tell us who you are, where you’re from and which languages you’re learning!

General Discussion

This is the place for all general discussion on languages and language learning.

Language Learning Resources

A place to share, discuss and review language learning resources of all kinds (books, courses, SaaS). Found something helpful? Share it.

Language Learning Challenges

This is the place where we set language challenges on specific topics. The goal is simple: upload a recorded monologue or conversation on the topic in your target language.

Ask Donovan

Got a question you want to aim directly at me (Donovan)? Doesn’t even have to be language-related. Ask it here.

Language Progress Videos and Logs

Share your progress with the world! Here you can post your language learning logs or share video of your progress.

Site Feedback

If you’ve got feedback for The Mezzofanti Guild or this forum (suggestions on ways to improve, constructive criticism or technical issues), please share them here.