A Huge Thank You


I can’t begin to thank you enough for your article about the Spanish subjunctive. I have had some semi-private and online teachers in the past two years after a year of Duolingo and then a year and a half back in the US from Tulum for surgery, followed by less than 2 years here near Puerto Vallarta. Most of these options sent me back to Duolingo, where I have improved and am speaking with locals, but doing so while having big issues with the verb situation in Spanish. Maybe it’s more difficult than when I learned French and German abroad in my teens in school or maybe it’s just a question of age, combined with the lack of actual grammar teaching in Duolingo. In any case, this is a long thank you but your article opened my eyes to the conjugation and the tenses with -ir, -ar, and -er infinitive endings. It is so simple and makes sense now that I can see it on the chart. I’m whipping through Duolingo with new confidence and, at your suggestion doing the trial with Hotel Borbollón.

So, all this to say Thank You from my heart and removing more frustration than I had faced prior to the subjunctive. Your gift to me is fully appreciated.

All the best, Morgan