Anecdotes - Language challenge

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I'm so nervous in front of camera that I didn't get in five new verbs, sadly. But I did try to use words I hadn't before. Slowly getting used to recording, so I will do my best to try and get them in next time.
My turn!

This was a challenging experience for me for a couple of reason:

1.Number one, I’d never recorded, let alone filmed, myself speaking Chinese before. I didn’t feel uncomfortable in front of the camera (I have a good amount of performing experience), but I do feel uncomfortable watching my performance.

  1. My Chinese sounds nothing like I thought it did. My American accent is stronger than I thought, my tones aren’t as clear as I would like, and a few other problems detected by my hyper-critical sensors.

In spite of this, I’m very glad I made the video. I’m a little hesitant about sharing around (I’ll be strapping on my troll armor for certain corners of the internet), but it was an invaluable exercise in really evaluating the level of my spoken Chinese. It’s going to make great blog post material when I write one up this week!

Now on to the video.