Bonjour ! Hi ! 안녕하세여!

Hi everyone !

My name is Julie and I am a language enthousiast / lover from France !

French is my monther tongue. I am currently bilingual in English, have an intermediate level in German and Spanish (which I need to maintain and improve) and I am currently learning Korean.

I fell in love with Korean a little bit more than a year ago but only really started to learn it in November 2019. My plan is to push my mastery of the Korean language as far as I possibly can, to fluency and beyond. I am very happy to see that many people here are also willing to learn Korean and maybe we can share some useful tips and resources.

In any case, I will be very happy to participate and contribute to the community in (and about) any language that I can, including my own ! :wink:

Have a fantastic day guys !

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Ciao Julie! Nice to meet you. My name is Anna, I am from Québec, Canada.