Elizaveta Tyan - Introduction

Hello everyone around!

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Donovan Nagel (argh, I was so sure there was a tag-name option here!) for all the enthusiasm and effort put in this blog/associate videos/and simply all the learning resources that us, your audience, have!

As for my introduction,

My name is Elizaveta. I am half Ukrainian, half Korean. I was born in Uzbekistan, and shortly after that my family and I moved to Russia, a small town called Rostov-on-Don. If you want to know where that is geographically, here’s a little overview:

The city of Rostov-on-Don is:

  1. Called so, because of the river it is “on”, literally. So, because the river is Don and the town/city is placed on the banks of the river, YES, you’ve figured it! (:

  2. It is the European part of Russia. As you may know (yes, stating the obvious thing) Russia covers a huge (actually, the biggest country today) part of the Earth’s surface and is divided by Urals (or the Ural Mountains) into Europe and Asia! My hometown is on the European side, at the very south of it.

    P.S. You may have heard of Sochi, the city where they’ve hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Yes, that’s the one. Rostov-on-Don would be very close to Sochi, definitely quite close to the Black Sea and all.

    Now, as for the languages I speak:

  3. Russian is my mother-tongue

  4. My English is pretty good, objectively speaking

  5. I go to a French curriculum-based university so I’d say my French is quite advanced, as well

  6. My current goal is to master Arabic. I’ve lived in an Arab state for over 7 years, and I reckon I should be a little bit more advanced now (considering the years and lack of enthusiasm the first time of my arrival)

  7. My near future/future goal is to learn my actual native language, my ‘blood’ language, which is Korean. Because I’m half Korean, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I feel like I just have to know my language. And I still don’t, in all those 20 years of my life.

    P.S. I do listen to K-Pop though Cool

    Well, that is all for a start.

    I’m looking forward to all your comments/constructive criticisms/replies


Cool. Are you learning FuSHa/Modern Standard Arabic? Or a dialect? Or both? Laugh