Greetings from a new member (MS Arabic)

Hello all,

My name is Benji, I am a native English speaker (with a hint of ‘spoken’ German as well), and I am starting to learn Modern Standard Arabic for academic/scholarly/political/social reasons. That sounds like a lot of reasons, but really they’re all just different ways of describing the same reason: Arabic is a widely spoken language, and it is an important one.

It does seem like a difficult language, but not impossible at all. I am finding that if I stick to the ‘KISS’ principle (Keep Is Simple, Stupid!), then I manage just fine. Trying to take on too large a sentence can be near impossible, whilst a simple greeting or commonly used, short phrase is almost too easy.

That’s my introduction, I have nothing else of note… to note.

Thanks for having me,


Great, Benji.

All the best with your Arabic studies! :slight_smile: