Hello all... Attempting to learn Arabic

Hi all,

I’m a native English speaker, and I very much want to learn Arabic. I took a 6 month crash course in MSA a while back, and am currently attempting to maintain the tiny bit of MSA I know, while adding a bit of Levantine Ammiya (I hired a tutor for 2 hour blocks, twice a week). I know the script although I am very slow at sounding out words. I work too many hours to dedicate as much time to it as I should, and after a 12 hour workday I don’t have the energy for much hard study. I would appreciate anyone any tips, suggested resources (especially cartoons or youtube channels I can watch) or any recommended childrens books, etc to help me learn. I also have skype, and would like to practice, though the hours I have available are very limited.

I’ve worked in both Iraq and Jordan, so I have a basic understanding of the culture, but I very much want to learn more! I am fascinated by the middle east, and العربية هي جميلة

  • Drew

Hi Drew,

i could help you in Arabic as i want someone to help me in conversational English. please feel free to contact me.

i am a native arabic speaker as i live in Egypt.