Hello! An nyung ha se o

Hello! My name is Ashly. I’m looking to learn Korean. I have no plans to visit Korea but I like the idea of living there for a short time. I can’t see that happening in my future but I’ll hope for it :slight_smile: and I’ll be a diligent student in preparation of one day being able to travel there.

My interest has been focused on music. I have enjoyed Korean music. Sometimes I look up translations of the songs but sometimes I just listen and speculate on the real meaning behind the words. In addition to learning the language, I’d really love to meet someone who is also passionate about music who would share more Korean music with me. I’m not in a situation where I am introduced to new (or old but new to me) Korean music. I’d like to hear more and find out what different styles they have and what they call them. If I found someone who was also interested in American music, I’d be happy to exchange playlists. If you know where I might be able to find someone like that to correspond with, that would be very helpful. I have no idea where to look.

Thank you for creating this site! I hope you (the creator) and anyone who might read this post are doing well!