Hello from Connecticut, USA learning Korean

I just finished the FREE Tutorial of Rosetta Stone for Korean and I am now trying the FREE Tutorial of Rocket Korean. I take Korean Martial Arts for the last 23 years and know the terms used in Dojangs, but I would like to go to Korea and want to learn Hangul. I did like the Rosetta Stone immersive style and pronunciation grading tool but it lacks any help on formal sentence structure’s. Now Rocket Korean I like a lot but its Pronunciation Grading Tool is lacking in compared to RS, is there any other Applications that have a top rated Pronunciation Tools? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

I don’t know how you’ve done (taekwondo?) for 23 years. I did Shotokan Karate for years to 1st dan, and in the proper sense, it became physically unsustainable in older age! In answer to your question, I can’t recommend Rocket enough. Every recordable phrase/sentence has a playback button, so you can compare your voice to the Rocket one. Streets ahead of Rosetta Stone, in my opinion.


Thanks Chris I did finally purchase Rocket Korean and I will work with it until I have completed each segment at a 100% grading and then will try 90 Day Korean. Yeah I am 58 Years Old and have been taking Hapkido for 23 Years and I am a 3rd Dan, I do get injuries occasionally but I will do Hapkido until I cant walk anymore. I am going to Korea next year to meet my Masters School he attended from Age 4 to Age 24, just like in the Movies but want to be able to Communicate with some Confidence when I go to his school. I am very impressed with Rocket Korean, but do like the RS picture immersion style also but Rocket Korean excels in Formalities and Conversation, plus I like the Custom Flash Cards you can build yourself from words from lessons that you save to your Vocabulary List then export those words to My Custom Flash Cards. plus I am very impressed with APP for the iPhone, very user friendly. Best Pete