Hello from Denmark

Hello everyone

Nothing like a nerdish forum for fellow language lovers!

Here’s what I’m into:

  • I am a language teacher, and I teach Danish to foreigners in Denmark.
  • I am also a language learner, and I mainly learn German, and a bit of French. Would also like to learn more Spanish and Arabic (I picked up a few Arabic phrases over the years, but not enough to have a conversation). And of course, I’m constantly working on improving my English, which is certainly my greatest succes to date.
  • Even though I am a language teacher, I am on a mission to teach people to teach themselves languages :smiley: There is so much they can and should do on their own.
  • At the moment I am keen to help people with English as their first (and only) language to learn Danish. It is not easy. But we’re working on it :slight_smile: