Hello from Juba, South Sudan and Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hi! I am Paul Harper. I am a dual national Australian/British citizen who works for the UN as a Security Officer in South Sudan. But when I am not there I live with my wife in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I also visit Cairo, Egypt quite frequently.

I am learning Egyptian Arabic using Glossika, Rocket Languages, iTalki and the Kalimni Arabic series. I have a great Egyptian Tutor named Somaia on iTalki. I have been learning for about a month now. Thanks to Donovan for recommending those resources.

I am also watching mainly Egyptian, with some other Arabic, series on Netflix and Shahid (which is like an Arabic Netflix.

They speak Juba Arabic in South Sudan. But this is a pidgin language that mixes Arabic with local African languages. Juba Arabic. It is very different from even Khartoum Sudanese Arabic.

I speak a bit of Khmer but am not fluent. I plan to learn it properly after I retire in three and a half years time.

I have been ten years in South Sudan. I would like a change of mission to an Arabic speaking country to finish my career.