Hello I'm New

Hello - Bonjour - ¡Hola! - Olá - Hallo - こんにちは (konnichi wa) - 你好 (Nǐ hǎo) - and שלום (shalom)!

My name is Brenda, from Wyoming in the United States. I am a long time language and linguistics student. I also have taught English to those from other countries, including Spanish speakers, Chinese speakers, and a lady from Iran.

I have a basic 4 year Bachelor degree in Psychology, but my minor in college was in Foreign Languages. At this time, I speak 3 languages fairly well (Native, fluent English, and French and Spanish), and I am studying and developing fluency in Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and my newest language: Hebrew.

My mottos is “you can never have too many languages” and also “too many languages, not enough time”. All true.

However, I do need speaking practice on all my languages - I do not have enough opportunity to do that.

It is very nice to be here. Laugh