Hi Donovan and company, (Kayfaqi, Kemon acchen, kaise hain)

Dear Donovan and other linguist enthusiasts,

I am reaching out to you from Phoenix, AZ. My girlfriend is from middle-east and we are in love. I grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh speaking Bengali as my native tongue and English as foreign language. Coming from a Muslim family, I learned how to read and write Arabic (with harakats). Ironically, I was not taught what the words meant. So if I see Arabic, I can pronounce the sounds and if I hear Arabic, I can write what I hear. I met this girl two years ago in college and we communicated in English. We fell in love and still with each other. I feel I want to know Arabic and learn how to speak it so that I get to know a good part of her that is unaccessible to me because of the cultural difference.

Can you give any suggestions where I can find some quality resources in order to fluently speak Arabic?