Hi. I'm Bilal and i need urgent help concerning arabic

My native language is arabic (North African-Algerian) but i don’t know much at all. i can understand it but i am lacking a lot of key skills which i will need in order to complete my Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Arabic course (Exam board is Edexcel). I really need help in finding the appropriate resources to learn the arabic language and i am very serious in going about finding the most effective route (which is why i am here of course!). I have a time frame of 8 months ±1 month (so a limited one).

This message is primarily aimed at Donovan as i think you can successfully analyse the exam specification and cross-reference it to the resources i need in order to achieve the highest grade possible.

The resources can be found on the Edexcel website:


The specification here:


The contents page are located on page 4 and i will only be completing Unit 1. I hope this helps and i seriously hope that i can get a lot of help as resources for this beautiful language is only becoming in short supply

Thank you.