Markoboston here. I am a native speaker of American English. I am also near fluent in German. I can converse, with some hesitation, in French and Spanish. I can get around (buy train tickets, order meals, have rudimentary conversation beyond stating my destination with a taxi driver) in Mandarin Chinese, though I now know more than 2,000 Chinese characters and can make out the meaning of most texts. Mandarin is the language I am currently learning.

In addition, I can read a number of European languages (Dutch, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, and to some extent the North Germanic languages), I can get around in Italian, and I have studied but largely forgotten Czech and Swahili, though I remember enough from Czech to make some meaning from Russian texts, since I know Cyrillic.

I am trying to figure out how far to go with Mandarin, since it doesn’t look I will be living in a Chinese-speaking place in the foreseeable future, and which language to study next. Though I do enjoy Mandarin.

wooow that is really great.

why you dont try Arabic for next time.