Hola, Ciao, Hello I'm new here - Saludos de California - Salute della California

Hello, I am Villa. I live in California. I speak Spanish, Italian, Portugese and French in that order of fluency.

(I love learning languages. I also dabble in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Armenian, Arabic and other languages.)

California is on the border of Mexico and Los Angeles, California

has more Spanish speakers than many actually most cities in Mexico. In fact after Mexico City

and Guadalajara, Mexico Los Angeles, California has the most Spanish speakers. There are 21

Spanish speaking countries in the world and the United States is the 2nd largest country in the

world of Spanish speaking countries. That means the U.S. has more Spanish speakers than Spain does.:smile:¡Dios mio!

Any way I’m glad to be on this forum with you. Looking forward to talking to all of you. How many are you?

Villa said

Hace más él que quiere que él que puede.