Greetings all! Cool

I decided to join because I love languages and meeting new people who share this passion. I also love travel and although I haven’t traveled that much myself, I enjoy reading about the adventures of others like Donovan and Cherie King. At present, I’m really interested in and working on Irish. Hopefully, I’ll get somewhere.Smile

It’s also really cool that Donovan supports minority languages, as in the past I’ve studied Lakota, Quechua and Pitjantjatjara and hope to return to these languages. Also, Eskimo-Aleut languages (Inuktitut, Yup’ik) are my <3.

So cheers, guys. Hope we all learn a lot on our journeys! o/

Hi Vagemulo,

I’m learning Irish as well! I started out learning with Bitesize Irish Gaelic (an online course) and I also use Memrise (also online), listen to Raidió na Gealtachta, watch shows on TG4, and read Harry Potter agus an Órchloch. I’m learning with two of my sisters and a friend and we meet once a week to practice conversation. What resources are you using?

Ádh mór leat! Good luck to you!