Learning an easy language


I have been following this blog for a while and I love it. Thank you for your amazing job. I would like to start with a language that is easy for me so I know I won’t quit.

My native language is Catalan and I have been reading this blog a little bit but I was unable to calculate which language would be easier for me to learn.

Could you please help me out on this? I’d highly appreciate it.

If Catalan is not useful for this method, please use Castilian Spanish instead.

Additional information

  1. Languages I am interested in:
  • Italian

  • French

  • German

  • Dutch

  • Czech

  • Greek

  • Hebrew

  • Arabic

  • Portuguese

  1. I am a flight attendant and looking forward to become a speaker for the language I am gonna study for. Most important skills of the language to become a speaker are: Conversational (Speaking and Listening) and Reading (announcements).

I hope you can help.

Thank you for reading my message.

Kind regards,


Hi Frederic.

This might be affected by your native languages being Catalan and Spanish, but the American Foreign Services Institute ranks languages in terms of difficulty for their English-speaking diplomats as follows: https://www.fsi-language-courses.org/blog/fsi-language-difficulty/

I have studied four modern languages and Latin, and found none of them to be easy. However, knowing a Romance language makes it easier to learn other Romance languages. For all language learning, studying a bit each day is better than studying a lot a few times a week. Persistence is the key.

Have fun!