LWT and FLTR are gone due to legal disputes

Thought I’d post this here for people who haven’t heard.
As you all know, I love LWT (Learning With Texts) and have been using it for years. Last night, both LWT and FLTR got pulled from Sourceforge permanently (source code and all documentation).
All that was left was a sentence saying there was a legal dispute and to check out LingQ instead. No further explanation given.
Of course, this has led to all kinds of gossip and rumours online.
I tweeted Steve Kaufmann to clarify whether or not a legal challenge had occurred but he said he knows nothing about it.

Anyway, a great shame. No idea what the backstory is here. Very weird for an open source project that’s been up for many years to suddenly get a cease and desist.

I’m considering putting up a mirror on this site for download and instructions for LWT (since my LWT tutorial is the best online). Just need to make sure there aren’t legal ramifications if I do.

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Oooh, thanks for sharing this piece of news Donovan ! I wasn’t aware of it and it is a real shame. :relieved:

I had discovered LWT some time ago thanks to your article and found it fantastic. It was a bit of a fight to install it on my PC, but once this was done, it worked like a charm ! A good, free and open-source tool for the geek-minded (because you’ve got to be a bit of a geek to install it ! :wink:).

The only remaining frustration I had was that I never understood how to install it on a NAS server so that I couldn’t access it from everywhere, like I can do with LingQ, but I spend quite some time as well studying on desktop, so I thought I would dig deeper into how I could make it work better for me in the future. I will pause this new project for now.

I really do hope that the circumstances surrounding this removal will soon be clarified and that this wonderful open-source project will soon be back on SourceForge.

Please keep us posted ! :pray: