Online Chinese Lessons

I’ve been studying Chinese while working here in Shenzhen, and I recently came across This site was a godsend for me, because I’ve been juggling .mp3s and textbooks ever since I got here and these new interactive lessons make everything so easy. I also really enjoy how the lessons break down real Mandarin Chinese conversations and teach you how to say each part. Really good stuff.

Hi tclowers,

I went to see and I must say I watched the entire first lesson in one go. It was inded really neat practicing the intonations and seeing the characters and the pinyin at the same time. If I am not mistaken it’s a lot like Pimsleur but with the video. Really nice so as to dive into Chinese, which I think is difficult at the beginning : the characters, the intonations, the sounds, etc. all at once are overwhelming.

Do you know Skritter ? I find it difficult to learn vocabulary with it because it’s not in context and because my Chinese is at a huge beginner level, but it’s quite nice to learn to draw the characters with it and, in your case, if you already have some knowledge of the language, it should be fun to revise the words you already know with it.