Primsleur or Rocket?

Hi all!

Asking this here in case the Language Learning Resources discussion page doesn’t get as much traffic (asked this there too).

I started Rocket Italian about a month ago after reading Donovan’s reviews and recommendations for it, but just recently heard of Primsleur and read his review on it. I feel like Primsleur would be a better way to start, due to the all-audio method, but Primsleur isn’t even mentioned as a top resource for Italian on this Guild site. Rocket Italian includes a lot of reading, writing, and memorization, which Donovan talks about hindering language learning. I am definitely a person who pictures vocabulary words in my head when trying to speak the language, slowing me down significantly (my issue with taking 6 years of Spanish in school and still struggling with it), so I’m apprehensive about continuing with Rocket Italian……

I know the quality of each of these resources depends on the target language you’re studying, but does anyone have any input on this? Do you recommend Primsleur? I mostly don’t want to spend money on it when I already bought Rocket Italian, unless it’s worth it.

Hi. I replied to your other post. Use YouTube, free podcasts, etc as well. This Italian web discussion forum is friendly and helpful