problem with listening comprehension


currently I am learning Egyptian Arabic. My problem is that I can speak comparatively well but I can’t understand very much.

I can say most things I want to explain (I struggle sometimes and speak very slowly compared to a native speaker through).

But if a native speaker asks me a question I don’t understand it in most cases. Even if he speaks very slowly in order to help me I still have problems to understand. Sometimes I understand most words being said but I still have trouble to get the idea of the sentece. I have the feeling that I am thinking to slowly.

I am learning Arabic for more or less 4 years, most of the time Egyptian. According to my language ressources I’m already an advanced learner.

I’m sure that I don’t face this problem only in Egyptian but in most foreign languages I have learned. What can I do in order to solve the problem? Do you have any learning tips/strategies?

thank you in advance