Rocket Language card keeps declining

Hello. Has anyone else having trouble in purchasing Rocket Language courses outside of the US? My card and my PayPal are being declined. Is there a solution to fix it?

Hi Samuel,
First I’ve heard of this happening. Did you email them about it?
They usually respond quickly to support questions.

Oh yeah definitely. But typically I won’t be getting a response for a couple of days.

I’m trying to get a refund on my Rocket Italian. It keeps freezing whether I use iPad or MacBook. It’s not fit for purpose these days, despite months of me giving them detailed feedback reports. Buyer beware!

Thanks for the heads up mate. So far I’ve been enjoying the courses the trial offers in Rocket German. Does it become worse beyond level 1?

I just logged on to update: Rocket said Safari on my MacBook would work fine, but it doesn’t. On the off chance, I downloaded Chrome, and it works a treat! There is some forum chatter that at level 2, people aren’t getting time to record their answers before they get an error response. Rocket told me in an email that issue is random and with some users, and that they are finding it difficult to trace the source of the problem. I’ve studied four modern languages plus Latin, and for me - especially now that the tech issue has been resolved - I’d wholeheartedly endorse Donovan’s recommendation re Rocket. It’s the most comprehensive and effective language programme I’ve used in 30 years. BTW, ROCKET HAVE A 60% SALE ON! Cheers, Chris

Quick update - Rocket Language has fixed my issue and they were kind enough to put in the 60% off coupon for the checkout.

Thanks for your feedback Chris. I’ve learnt German through Duolingo, Babbel and Germanpod101 but when compared to Rocket German, it vastly excels in teaching German by a long shot.

Great. I agree re Rocket.