Salvete, omnes!

The greeting for this title is in Latin, for those who are wondering.

Hello, everyone. I am new to this forum and have been following Mr. Nagel’s excellent content since about last year or so. I am building on my already strong foundation in Greek (Modern and Koine) and Latin, and have a strong interest in colloquial Arabic. I am from Miami, Florida, U.S, and of significant Spanish and Sephardic Jewish heritage by way of my Venezuelan mother and Cuban father. I have a passion not only for languages and philology but also for culture and history and anthropology, as well as music ( I play guitar, piano, sing and hope to learn exotic instruments). I am taking a BA in Education in hopes to become a teacher one day and even open my own academy.
I also wish to state to all on here that Latin is NOT and has never been a dead language. I can verify that through the weekly chats I often join through zoom with other Latinists/Classicists, and by subscribing to the excellent channels “Scorpio Martianus” and “PolyMathy” on YouTube you can see how there is a growing interest and new revival in The Latin Language and even Ancient Greek. I think Latin, if Mr. Nagel sees fit, should be among the languages included on this website along with the best resources for learning, which I can heartily recommend. If anyone is interested in the topics I have presented in this lengthy introduction, please don’t hesitate to comment below!

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