The Mezzofanti Guild forum is rebuilt and open for business

Hi everyone.

A few years ago, I deactivated the forum on The Mezzofanti Guild.

There came a point where it was getting hammered by spam and the forum software we were using was frankly outdated, clunky garbage so I just didn’t want to deal with the stress of managing it all.

But today I have good news. :slight_smile:

The Mezzofanti Guild forum has finally been transferred to a new subdomain and modern platform, and registrations are open. This is part of a much larger redesign, repurposing and restructuring I’ve been working on for my blog which I’ll roll out later in the year.

Go ahead and register (takes seconds), then introduce yourself and your language goals here.

I’m still adding some improvements, tweaking, and moving old forum content over.

Why do we need another forum?

Believe it or not, this was actually one of the first Internet forums ever made that focused on language learning. Others included How-To-Learn-Any-Language (now defunct), Fi3M and in recent years, the /r/languagelearning subreddit.

Each have their own pros and cons.

Every community has a unique culture and mission.

For me personally, it’s been a priority of mine to continue to maintain a tight community of friends and MG followers who love language learning and language immersion. Not dependent on Facebook or Reddit, but our own platform.

We were the first group to run “challenges” which were briefly popular and then went on to inspire concepts like the Add1Challenge. I’d like to continue running these challenges in the near-future, both for fun and motivation.

If you’ve got suggestions on how to make this community grow, do that here.

If you’d like to speak to me directly or ask me questions (can even be off-topic), ask here.

Share resource recommendations (or ask for them) here.

If you experience any technical issues with this forum, please let me know. It’s newly implemented so there are bound to be unforeseen issues in the beginning.

Cheers! :slight_smile: