The Skanking Devil Cometh. Howdy!

What’s up guys. Call me Devil.

Love what’s going on with this Guild. Reminds me of the Generation of 1927 in Spain.

ANYWAY! I come to you from the mountainous forests of The Pacific Northwest in the United States. I’ve dabbled in languages ever since I was a little kid, dinking around with “Teach Yourself” kits and mini dictionaries, but I really got into language when I was 15 years old.

8 years later, I’ve studied Spanish to fluency, Russian conversationally, German to a lesser extent, and now I’m starting off with Arabic and Italian. Language ain’t just a pleasant distraction of mine, I’m dedicating my life to it. I study Spanish and Russian languages and cultures at a university down in Texas, and have been invited to studied at the National University of Cuyo and Voronezh State University in Russia. After graduation (Dec. 2014) I’ll be headed back to Russia to teach English and improve my Russian.

Good stuff. Congrats if you made it this far! Looking forward to interacting with you all, and getting plugged into the community here.