Troubleshooting LWT

Does anyone else have a problem with LWT getting set up on your computer correctly and working for two days, but then not being able to connect at all to it?

My system is Windows 10, I have easyPHP devserver17, and LWT. I also use Firefox as my main browser.

Should I just try reinstalling? Or is there another way to clear this issue?

Thank you everyone in advance,


G’day Tom!

Are you getting an error message when trying to connect?

Yes, I was gettting an error message of something along the lines of “cannot connect to this server,” in all browsers. I had tried launching easyPHP but it did not seem to be working correctly. It would say that both the http server and the dev server were running, but lwt would not connect

I tried reinstalling lwt with the xamp server software recommended on the lwt page, and so far it is working much better. I will update this thread with thoughts after I try it out for a week or so.