Trying to design a curriculum for VN

I’m so thankful I stumbled upon your site! I’ve been spending the past few weeks scouring the web for reviews on language programs. I am wondering if anyone has advice on how I could approach Vietnamese? I’m trying to design a curriculum for my high school son. He’s in a hybrid program (1/2 in class, 1/2 at home). I speak conversational Vietnamese, so I have taught him some basic things. My goal is that he will self-teach (with supervision) and be fluent or “solid enough” to keep up with community college Vietnamese in 2 years. Since I purchased Rosetta Stone online years ago (your RS review was VERY helpful), I’d like to utilize it. But I’m not sure how to supplement it with other tools . :slight_smile: We also get free Mango Languages via our library, and I also saw that you recommended Memrise and watching shows. How can I design these programs to compliment each other? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have.