Vegemighty's mandarin log

I’ve tried to reach fluency in mandarin before and I failed. My plan was to teach english in china and then immerse myself in the environment to reach fluency. But after a day of teaching, I didn’t feel like doing anything but relaxing, so after a year didn’t have much progress on where I was before.

Now, I’m back and I’ll start again.

My goal is to pass the HSK 6 within two years.

In order to accomplish this, I will complete several books and courses on chinese.

I’ll complete the FSI mandarin course.

Talk to a native for an hour everyday.

Listen to a chinese podcast while I’m not actively studying.

Memorize the first 2000 characters.

After 6 months I’ll switch entirely into native materials.

Read books

Watch movies and tv

translate back and forth into chinese and english

Over the course of my language learning, I will incorporate weekly mini challenges where I attempt to explain something using mandarin.

This week’s challenge is to create a video tour of my house.

I studied 2 units of FSI yesterday. I knew the words already but I thought it would be helpful to review anyway. I also learned how more easily input anki flashcards.

But when I read a story for children, I got really discouraged. So much I didn’t understand. I have a looooong way to go.