Welcome to the new and improved forum! Important info here - please read.

G’day all! :)


Those of you who have been following this blog for some time will notice that the previous forum platform, along with all the posts, are now gone.

The Mezzofanti Guild has migrated over to a superior forum platform - the first of several upgrades that have been in the pipeline.

If you haven’t registered already (free of course), you can do that here by clicking the Register button.

After that, make sure to edit your profile and upload an avatar (picture), as well as adding some basic info and a signature (if you have a blog that is related to language learning, make sure to link to it as well).

Head over to the Introductions thread and introduce yourself - where you’re from, what language/s you speak and what your language learning goals are.

Help us get the ball rolling and generate some discussion by sharing your thoughts or asking questions and link to your progress videos in the video forum to inspire others.

Thanks all! :)