What do you do for a living?

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I don’t know if this challenge is still going, but I’m posting something tomorrow (in Spanish) and I will compete against myself if I have to.

Great! Yea it is still going.

Looking forward to it :)


This is me speaking about my job. I didn’t learn any new words unfortunately. Smile

Scott, that’s awesome.

Great job! :)


Ok that was my bad on the time there. Next one is coming up faster and I’ll do video.

Thanks, Jacob. That was great!

Looking forward to the video next time. :)

I’m glad you are doing this. It is a fun way to help people learn and is cool see other people progress. Just got done reading your Russia article and almost marrying an Egyptian article. Sounds like you are living an interesting life. Have you been working as an English teacher before the Russia stop in order to support your language quests?