Which should I learn first: Ancient or Modern?

So, Greek is one of my favourite languages, and I have learned both the ancient and modern varieties to a reasonably high level. I started with Ancient Greek, and later on learned Modern Greek in order to speak it in Greece.

Nowadays my sight is on the other two biblical languages, Hebrew and Aramaic, both of which also exist in an ancient form and a modern one spoken today (or in the case of Aramaic, several varieties/dialects). My question is, which should I start with? With Hebrew, would it benefit me more to get to a conversational level in modern Hebrew before diving into the ancient language, or to get a good foundation in biblical Hebrew first?

As for Aramaic, at the moment it is more appealing to me, but everything I read tells me to learn Hebrew before Aramaic, so that’s probably the best way to go at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love to hear your thoughts!