Zoning out while listening to interviews

Hi all! New here. Just wanted to get feedback on your experiences from listening to a couple of hours of interviews to learn your language. After the third hour, I just couldn’t concentrate. Any experiences or recommendations?

Thank you!

Salut kellylaine!

I live in Spain since two years and am still learning that language. I relate very much with what you’re saying because Spanish is spoken very quickly and I still have a hard time understanding it. A few days ago was for example the first time I could jot down the phone number someone was giving me on a phone message without having to replay it over and over again !

Also, I don’t remember of when I learnt English, but with Spanish, I’ve come up against periods of time when I felt I wasn’t learning anymore. It was quite frustrating. And then suddenly, I had breakthroughs as when I started to understand the news on TV. That one was so, so great by the way …

I checked the website you mention, News in Slow French, and it seems to be quite neat. It’s to listen but you also have the text and it even comes with a few translations when you hover over it. Really nice resource. The man who speaks doesn’t have a French accent, but as a French native speaker, I can tell you that his accent is really not a problem (as it may sometimes be with other language learning methods).

Language learning is a long term thing. I am sure your listening is going to improve a lot in the coming weeks if you keep doing what you do. Hang on, ça vaut la peine (it’s worth it) !Cool

Hi Kellylaine! I love learning languages, but I surely couldn’t listen to a language for hours like that. What motivation you have here!

I personally like to learn a little every day and am always careful to reach for the next little thing I don’t know, never a big chunk. Some challenge but not too much. Learning only one word per day is in fact already quite OK as far as I am concerned I must say …

What language have you listened to ? Did you understand what was being said easily ? Were there a lof of words that you didn’t unserstand ? Were you actively listening or did you just let it be a background noise so as to get used to the sounds ?Smile

Thank you Olga for your reply! I am learning French. I have been studying off and on and texbook wise, I am probably to intermediate level. But I have such a hard time understanding even elementary French.

So I did the Pimsleur review and now I found a website called News in Slow French. It is helpful but I have to review it for two to three hours to understand every word, even after I have read and studied every word.

WinkI got a private tutor but I still couldn’t understand her when she spoke to me in French, so I let her go because I figured I was just wasting money. I am now just trying to listen to French.